Smart Security and CCTV- Combatting Crime On Small Businesses

Small businesses in London are a prime target for burglars, pickpockets, and thieves.

There are obvious reasons for this; They often come across as more casual –  having fewer staff and customers, hence fewer security measures in place.

On average, 69 crimes every hour affect businesses in the UK (2018). With this number increasing each year, small businesses in London lose between £25-30k a year due to burglary.

Burglary is not the only thing causing problems for SMEs in London; vandalism, violence and employee theft are just some crimes against businesses that result in losses for companies, whether through repairs, legal battles or even just time lost recovering from these events.

So what is the best way to prevent your business from being burgled?

CCTV is proven to be the most effective way of combatting crimes for businesses struggling with keeping their premises, stock and employees safe and out of harm’s reach.

Surveillance from cameras is a great way to keep burglars away from your premises and help you and your staff feel safe and protected.

Through having cameras installed in and around your premises you can deter burglars and protect your property/business from being a target for criminal activity.

Traditionally  CCTV has been known for capturing highly pixelated images that are often useless. Still, thanks to the advances in technology and the call for better security measures to protect employers/employees, CCTV is becoming more and more valuable, especially when it comes to crime investigation and business protection.

A wireless CCTV system is one of the best options for protecting businesses, especially for offices and shops in London, which are older and less secure.

Installing wireless CCTV means that you don’t rely on wires to transmit images and sound. Wireless cameras also allow for a more straightforward installation process. As a result, they are generally more cost-effective and functional.

Other benefits of CCTV

CCTV doesn’t always prevent break-ins, as some burglars are ‘more experienced’. However, they are a vital part of the police investigation should a break-in occur.

Not only this, but they protect you and your employees from violent customers/intruders by providing visual/ audible evidence in criminal investigation, and the same goes for vandalism.  CCTV has been shown to help companies/employees against false claims such as harassment, violence, or discrimination.

Other forms of security to avoid crime in or against your company

Alarm systems and security detectors help keep businesses secure, especially if they are not always known to criminals. The most common alarm systems are set off through motion sensors, glass break-in detectors, or window and door detectors.

These systems report the unusual activity to local authorities as well as signalling alarms and operator if programmed.

Access control systems are more and more common in smaller businesses as they are a great way to protect premises from intruders. Several access systems are used for shops, offices and commercial premises like ID key cards and locks controlled by passcode or fingerprint. However, this is just that extra step to protecting the most crucial parts of companies like money, valuables and confidential information.